Laboratory was established in 1970 at the Department of Hydrology and Hydroecology (at that time - Department of Land Hydrology) as a research laboratory of hydrochemistry. The initiator of the laboratory establishment was Prof. V. Peleshenko.

The purpose of laboratory establishment was to improve the research of chemical composition of natural waters with usage of highly sensitive and fast analysis methods. Scientific direction by the time of establishment of the laboratory was based on field research for further study of regional patterns of physical and chemical conditions of natural waters formation.
Field investigations were provided on Shatsky lakes, on the basins of Pripyat, Dnieper, Southern Bug, Danube river, on the cooling ponds of all Nuclear Power Plants (NPP) of Ukraine and Smolensk NPP (Russia). The most intensive field researches of the laboratory were carried out in 70th – 80th of XX century, when the expedition consisted of two groups – hydrochemical and hydrological (up to 15 persons).
Over time, solely hydrochemical direction of research in the laboratory has changed with the advent of hydrologists and civil engineers, hydromorphologists, experts in riverbed processes. Research trend was fixed exactly in these areas. The staff of the laboratory implemented a number of National and International projects concerning hydromorphological assessment of the ecological status of river Tisza, Dniester and Pripyat, channel process management and development of recommendations for improvement of flood safety in Carpathian rivers, assessment of morphodynamics and sediment runoff on the Dnieper and Vistula Rivers etc.
The staff of division in 2004 was 14 employees, in 2008 – 10, 2012 – 8, 2014 –10. Scientific relations are supported with Hydrometeorological institutions, State Water Resources Agency of Ukraine, Ministry of Environmental and Natural Resources of Ukraine, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, which adopt the results of research.

  • 1970 - 2002 – V. Peleshenko, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine;
  • 2002-2013 – V. Khilchevsky, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine.
Head of Laboratory 
  • 1970-1972 – Y. Pylypiuk;
  • 1972-1974 – M. Romas;
  • 1974-2001 – D. Zakrevskiy, Doctor of Geographical Sciences;
  • 2001-2009 – M. Romas, Doctor of Geographical Sciences;
  • 2010 - 2012 – V. Onyschuk, PhD of Engineering Sciences;
  • 2013 - to Present – Z. Rozlach, PhD of Geographical Sciences.