Laboratory completed investigations that were included to the plans of the State Committee on Science and Technology of USSR, development of national economy of Ukraine, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, branch ministries and departments. The staff of the laboratory participated in Union research programs on development of hydrochemical zoning of small rivers, in creating ‘Hydrochemical Atlas of USSR’ (1990), in study of cooling ponds of Nuclear Power Plants. In addition, experimental studies took place on small watershed of Boguslav hydrological and hydrochemical permanent establishment of department on Ros river. Nowadays the employees of the laboratory are involved in international projects, particularly connected to research and water management of transboundary river basins, hydromorphological assessment of the ecological status of rivers etc.
 Since 2001, research laboratory of hydroecology and hydrochemistry of Geography Faculty participates in a comprehensive research program ‘Regional problems of environmental management’. During 2001-2013 under the supervision of Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor V. Khilchevskyi three state budget topics were accomplished:
  • ‘Research of regional changes in hydrological and hydrochemical processes and climate effects in Ukraine and their consequences’ (2001-2005);
  • ‘Analysis of anthropogenic influence on the hydrological, riverbed and hydrochemical river regimes and air pollution level in Ukraine’ (2006-2010);
  • "The analysis of dynamics of sediment runoff, transformation of chemical composition of water in rivers and synoptic conditions of catastrophic floods formation’ (2011-2013).
Since 2014 research laboratory deals with the project ‘Hydroecological assessment and forecast of hydropower production potential of the Carpathian rivers in Ukraine’ (supervisor Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor, O. Obodovskyi).
Since 2000 more than 25 commercial projects were accomplished, with customers being mainly representatives of structural subdivisions of the State Water Resources Agency of Ukraine. Approved supervisors of these topics were Doctor of Geographical Sciences V. Khilchevskyi, Doctor of Geographical Sciences O. Obodovskyi, Doctor of Geographical Science M. Romas, Doctor of Geographical Science V. Grebin, PhD of Engineering Sciences V. Onyschuk.